if its really love it will find you

Hello 2011!!

Well its been a long fucking time hasn't it? I guess I've been busy. I'm pretty sure i started another journal in here somewhere between 2008 and now but I can't seem to remember the username lol O well.

Its been almost a year with Bob & almost a year in my apartment!! its crazy!
if its really love it will find you

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as i was four bowls, 30+ hits deep and reaching for the wheat thins i wondered why i crave human contact at all times. i hate spending any second of my time away from someone..i feel empty and wanting something, i lack things when he's not around...
if its really love it will find you

christmas is almost apon us, its shopping time

So far I got him....
two tshirts
vert cologne
DC belt buckle
(that all cost about 70..)

I still want to get him....
a fox sherpa lined hoodie
green metal earrings
Fall Out Boy Tickets (since he couldnt afford them himself)
(im approxing all that to be another 170 bucks...cause of those sold out tickets costing so much...yeah im ridic...he's worth it already!)

so far he's slipped two of the things he got me. a hoodie and a belly button ring. i was like babe HUSH! I don't know what either of them look like though... hes so bad with keeping secrets. he has no idea what im getting him so for him it will be a secret at least  =) he's gonna spoil me. I can tell now. he is always like babe I AM PAYING even when i try. I feel bad though cause he's not working a steady job right now so i dont want him to waste his money on me. whatever. he knows his financial situation more than i do so i guess i should just go with what he says.

his friends like me =) yay. we had a bonfire in his backyard with andrew & some other guy and tom disappeared in  the house for forever so i was sitting out there sippin my strawberry vodka w/ lemonade and talking to them for a while with him inside. I felt kinda odd but I guess it wasn't as odd as i  thought it was cause this morning he texted me and said that his friends think i am awesome! yay!

I see him every day besides fridays and it's great!!

Tonight after work im meeting charlee at her house and we're gonna go to the hamilton mall to do some more Christmas shopping. Prolly gonna end up having dinner with her and eric cause i know he's gonna drag us for food. hopefully after i get to see my sexy sexy man <33
if its really love it will find you


Okay so yesterday was funnn. After work I went to the mall to bother Eric and we went and got dinner at Olive Garden. Soup, Salad & Breadsticks...YUM! We were both on our phones on myspace at dinner. I kept thinking, what geeks we are!

Then we went over Charlees and had a blassst. We talked with her mom and listened to music and then when her moms boyfriend came home we all went out and met him because we thought he was cooking fried dough but he wasn't. [boo] But yeah. We stayed there til pretty much midnight then Eric drove me back to my car and I drove home.

On the drive home though some asshole hit a cat and the poor thing didn't die right away so i pulled over and sat with it in the middle of the road til it died. I was gonna put it in my car and rush it to the emergency room but once I got next to it, I saw how much damage was done, blood was pouring out of his head. He stopped crying and just blinked at me for another minute then he was gone. I was bawling my eyes out & I couldnt believe the guy just kept going! I sped up to catch him and I did but I realized there was nothing I could do to really change anything that happened.

When I got home I was still really upset cause it looked JUST like Lily so I ran to her bed and she wasn't there and I freaked out then I found her on my bed and i just held her and gave her belly rubs and she slept with me all night. That made me feel a lot better and I woke up a lot better in the morning.

I just can't imagine what someone will go through when they realize their cat is gone forver. I don't know what I'd do without Lily <333 She's my lil saviour in kitty form.
if its really love it will find you

nip nips

There should be a catalog for girls with all types of men in it. Different shapes, sizes and colors. You should be able to fill out a order form with all of your criteria. Funny, Sarcastic, Sweet, Caring, Asshole, Geek, Jock, Worker, Loving, Serious, Charming, Long hair, Short hair, Medium hair, Tall, Short, Skinny, Average, Muscular, Chunky, Blonde, Brunette, Green eyes, Brown eyes, Blue eyes, Grey eyes. Everything from the shape of their nose to whether they brush twice a day, to whether they shut the door when they pee and whether or not they put the seat down. You send your order form in and between 7-10 buisness days you have the exact man you want. all for four easy payments of $99.99. What a great world that would be huh??

I hate boys that kiss weird. Thats what brought this whole hoopla of an idea about. I wish every boy kissed like certain other ones I know. Then they would kiss like I do and I wouldn't have to worry about having to match how they kiss cause they're too stubborn to know how to kiss right. idiots. kissing should be universal and done in the same basic way with additions but no subtractions. I guess you had to be in my situation to understand why I am flipping out about that. It just RUINS any spark there is when someone can't kiss right. Makes me sad haha.

So yeah. Yesterday Katie got the nips pierced. it looked so painful omfg she was laying there with just the needles in and i was like holyfuckingshit that looks like it hurts. She loves them tho. we went & bought a pack of cloves to celebrate afterwards. Yay blacks <3 So while we were there Immortal cleaned my piercing and changed the balls to little white diamonds so i look all bling bling now =) haha its sick looking i got so many comments this morning waiting in line for my breakfast it was great.

After I got home I went over Jon's (Not John, but Jon) and we watched some movies. I haven't seen him in quite some time, probably since we stopped dating all that time ago....We never really went out but we hung out all the time. We watched grandma's boy, which was all about what else, pot and video games. it was HILARIOUS though. We had a good time. We didn't really talk about much and we just kinda sat on the couches. he kept like readjusting so that he was somehow touching me. And if when we went back downstairs and I sat on a different couch he would always sit next to me. It was cute. that cute shit matters in the long run guys remember that. If the cute shit doesn't last and all you do is throw her down on the couch the second you sit down and smother her it gets old.